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Early Childhood


A child’s brain develops more in the first five years of life than at any other stage. At QCA, teachers create an environment that nurtures the social and emotional well-being of all students so that effective learning can take place. QCA’s research-based early childhood program introduces students to the world of learning and a love of God.

Vouchers are accepted in both Pre-K and K1. Click here for more information.

Preschool Program

(Must be 3 years old by August 31st)

Quincy Catholic Academy offers a 5-day, full day Early Childhood Program. Our large, bright, cheerful and nurturing environment provides challenging age-appropriate activities that will build the foundation for future learning. In a safe and comfortable setting, children are encouraged to experiment, explore, and question. Certified Early Childhood educators support the children as they become more responsible for themselves and develop respect for others.

What to Expect: Upon completion of the QCA Preschool Program, your child will be well on their way to success in K1 where the curriculum will shift to a more structured approach to build early literacy skills in reading, writing and math. Our PreK students gain confidence to become more independent and interdependent as they expand their social skills and develop friendships and life skills.

Preschool Program Objectives

QCA offers full-day preschool sessions with a comprehensive early literacy program. The program objectives include:

Safe Environment

Nurturing students in a safe and secure environment

Spiritual Encouragement

Helping students understand they are children of God and as such develop a positive belief that they are worthy of love and respect

Communication Skills

Developing oral language skills

Environmental Skills

Developing gross and fine motor skills

Cognitive Expansion

Developing creativity and imagination

Empathic Development

Developing respect and sensitivity for all living things

Interactive Approach

Focusing on social and emotional skill development

K1 Program

(Must be 4 years old by August 31)

Our K1 Program has earned an excellent reputation of offering an academic program which develops skills which are often not taught until a K2 Program. This track sets our students up for a future advantage where grade 1 skills are introduced in Kindergarten and grade 2 skills are addressed in grade 1. The pattern of higher expectations naturally continues through the Elementary school years. Several of our Early Childhood teachers have earned Masters degrees in ELA Second Language.

What To Expect: Upon the completion of our K1 Program, students are well-prepared for the challenges and expectations of our K2 Program, where they will learn to increase their literary skills as they begin to read and write and understand Math concepts at a much higher level than is statistically typical.

K1 Program Objectives

Building on the basic skills learned in the PreK Program, QCA’s K1 Program reinforces the skills in a more systematic and intentional approach and introduces more advanced skills and age-appropriate expectations. QCA’s K1 curriculum includes literature, writing, math, science, and social science in full-day sessions. Students learn:

Social Exercises

Appropriate ways of interacting in a group

Open Discussion

Skills to actively and appropriately participate in class discussions

Vocabulary Expansion

To develop a large and rich vocabulary

Purposeful Play

To engage in concept-related play

Advanced Linguistics

To listen to, identify, and manipulate language sounds to develop auditory discrimination and phonetic awareness

Literary Concepts

To practice their basic reading skills; identifying letters, sounds and sight words

Written Communication

To practice their basic writing skills using the highly acclaimed “Handwriting Without Tears” Program

Artistic Exploration

To participate in physical education, recreational play, music, and art